Welcome to wrsm's place!

wrsm you say? Yeah that's right! wrsm is the result off my last name shorten (WieRSMa).
It's hard to find a name that fits you, is available and looks good.

Working on site!

Yeah, the text isn't great yet. The pages are full of holes, but it is something!

Still working on getting the "perfect" page.

Come back any time, updates will follow!

Planning for completion on the first of January 2015!

Just doing what's on my path.

It's not about knowing what you want, but what you do.

Sure, I have a lot of things I want, making big plans on how I want to do it, but mostly it stays that way.

The things I do, are guided by the people in my surroundings and internet media.

Being most of the time on my own, its hard to get to higher grounds.
The things I really want to do, are hard to get.

So doing the things I manage to do, I do them to the max of what I can do.
Always looking at the pro's, way above me, setting that as a standard.
Criticizing myself for not being good enough, and afterwards realizing that people in my surroundings are making good money for crap....
Just getting me crazy, and wondering why I keep pushing myself...

But maybe that's just the spirit in me, that you like.

I'm always looking for perfection with simplicity in clean structure.
Being silence on the foreground, doing the little things that no-one cares about on the background.

Looking forward to meet you!

Please challenge me!
Get me to place's I've never been before
Get the creativity out of me!
Let me analyse your surroundings
Be amazed by my results!

Need assistance?
Have a nice project?
Got a team I can join? Or you are creating one?
Please! I'm asking you! Here I am!
Contact me! I won't bite! I Promise!

Doing the things people think you are crazy, but are amazed by the result.

Powerd by wrsm